Spare filter for water purification pitcher - blue

Cartus filtrant cana de purificare a apei - albastru


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Spare filter for water purification pitcher - blue

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Filtering cartridge for Freeways Pitcher: it ensures the average alkaline pH of 9.5, namely approximately 100 times more alkaline than drinking water with a neutral pH of 7; potential of ORP oxide reduction with the max. value - 400; ensure decontamination, softening and denitration of water; filtering capacity: 2.5 l of water; validity of the filtering cartridge for 300 l of water or 2 months of use.

The filtering cartridge is made of 6 filters:

Filter 1: made of a material based on cotton, with part in achieving a first filtering of water, eliminating particles that are bigger than 1 micron.

Filter 2: made of special balls loaded with particles with negative potential, meant to alkalinize and ionize water, produced by special technology.

At the level of this filter, water acquires alkalinizing properties, an average pH of 9.5, and antioxidant properties able to neutralize the free radicals. This water will be characterized by a potential of oxide reduction (redox potential = ORP) with values of max. -400, which will produce a strong effect of annihilation of acids in the body, of oxidants, and which will implicitly have a regeneration and anti-ageing effect.

Filter 3: made of activated coal grains with microporous absorbing role, with a very large absorption area; it eliminates: unpleasant color, odor and taste, turbidity, free chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenols, volatile organic substances, trichloroethylene, benzene, trihalomethanes, trichlorethane, chloroform,  and hundreds of other contaminants that may be present in water.

Filter 4: made of ion-exchanging resin with part in: softening: it balances the calcium and magnesium level; denitration by turning nitrite salts into other salts. After going through this filter, the water has adjusted values of calcium and magnesium, it is „softer” and has a more pleasant taste.

Filter 5: made of tourmaline grains with emission of radiations in infrared and kaolin (a natural aluminosilicate), as well as other components processed by nanometric pulverization technology; they are placed on a support of ceramic balls, and the filter has an energizing and mineralizing role. The ceramic balls with emission of infrared radiations release a very weak current (0.06 mA), perfectly compatible with the human body, with particularly beneficent effects; it may actually absorb lead, chromium and other heavy metals. Another function of this filter is to energize and activate water through infrared radiations that: gradually release 20 trace elements that are easily absorbed, break large molecules of water into smaller molecules (clusters), a form in which water is much better absorbed into cells and tissues; release large quantities of oxygen; generate negative ions; increase the pH.

Filter 6: role in providing the stability of the entire filtering cartridge.