BLACK COFFEE for Him (120 g)

BLACK COFFEE for Him (120 g)


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BLACK COFFEE for Him (120 g)

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Black Coffee for Him – Therapeutic coffee (120 g)


Freeways therapeutic coffee was born from our preoccupation and desire to facilitate the constant administration of 100% natural supplements, so necessary for the proper functioning of the body, by integrating them into an existing daily routine that is also loved by most of us. As the therapeutic qualities are given by the active principles of the ingredients that complement the coffee, their preservation is possible only by preparing at an average temperature of 40, maximum 60 degrees Celsius. This necessary condition made us choose the instant (soluble) form of coffee, which allows the preparation even with cold water/milk. Instant coffee has the same properties as ground coffee beans, being just a groundless, crushed and dehydrated coffee - a process that does not require excessive processing and does not include chemicals.


Description: Black Coffee For Him is the assortment for men drinking coffee. The main ingredient that completes the coffee is Tribulus Terrestris ("Old woman`s Fangs" in Romania, "Gokharu" and "Goshurah" in India, "Bai Ji Li" in China) with direct action on testosterone, the main male hormone. At the physical level, it increases muscle mass, accelerates recovery after intense physical exertion and improves sexual dynamics. D-ribose makes its own contribution to increasing endurance, reducing fatigue, stiffness and muscle tension, while Zinc in brewer's yeast contributes directly to increasing potency, prevents premature andropause, supports prostate health and has an immunostimulant effect.


Presentation: 120 g jar



  1. 100% Arabica coffee - 93,75%
  2. Tribulus Terrestris (60% saponins extract) - 2,5%
  3. D-Riboza - 2,5%
  4. Yeast (Saccharomices cerevisiae) (min. 100.000 ppm Zn extract) - 1,25%


Therapeutic properties: 

  • hormonal regulator;
  • increases energy levels and endurance to physical exertion, including intense and sustained exertion (eg sports);
  • acts beneficially on cognitive functions, improving, at least for the moment, the capacity for attention, concentration and memory;
  • facilitates digestion, supporting the proper functioning of the digestive tract and the entire metabolism;
  • eliminates weakness and fatigue;


Administration: add  2 - 4 g (1 - 2 teaspoons) of coffee, depending on your preference, to a cup of warm water/milk (40 - 60 degrees Celsius) and mix well until all the powder dissolves.


ANY Freeways coffee assortment DOES NOT contain harmful ingredients for the body, such as: caramel, artificial sweeteners, dyes, food additives, anti-caking agents, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.



Instant coffee is made from coffee beans, real coffee. Coffee beans are roasted, ground and infused before beginning their journey to instant coffee. What turns coffee into instant coffee is when water is removed from the infused product, resulting in dehydrated coffee crystals. To bring them back to the coffee condition, it is enough to add water to these crystals.

There are two methods of obtaining soluble coffee from coffee beans: dehydration by spraying (method by which the coffee for Freeways therapeutic coffee assortments is obtained), respectively dehydration by freezing.

The first method (spray dehydration) consists of spraying a liquid coffee concentrate as a spray in a very hot and dry air (at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius). When the coffee sprayed in the air falls back on a flat surface, the water has already evaporated forming small round crystals of instant coffee.

Instant coffee has the same properties as ground coffee beans. The difference is that when we make instant coffee, doing so in the same way every time (for example, putting 2 teaspoons per cup), we have practically the same amount of antioxidants. In contrast, with ground coffee beans, the amount of antioxidants that are extracted depends on the degree of grinding and the way we prepare the coffee.



Tribulus Terrestris (60% saponin extract) is a plant extract from the plant also known as the "Old woman`s Fangs" (Gokharu and Goshurah in India, Bai Ji Li in China). Being a powerful energizer, it is an ideal support for an active lifestyle. The direct action on testosterone is recommended for people who want to increase muscle mass. At the same time, through its anti-inflammatory effects, it accelerates recovery after intense physical effort, being an ideal supplement for athletes as it decreases the duration of physical recovery after training. Another effect of Tribulus consumption, confirmed by studies, is increased libido, thus improving sexual dynamics.


D-Ribose is used by all cells in the body to produce cellular energy (ATP), to metabolize nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and glycogen. It helps to increase endurance, reduce fatigue, stiffness and muscle pain while maintaining optimal ATP levels by reducing the formation of lactic acid. Supports the activity of the heart and skeletal muscles. Improves cardiac blood flow and peripheral arterial circulation. Reduces aging processes.


Zinc extracted from brewer's yeast (Saccharomices cerevisiae) 

Zinc extracted from brewer's yeast is currently the most active and best tolerated form of zinc. Several dedicated medical studies have confirmed the multiple therapeutic effects of this natural trace element. Being an effective immune stimulant, it increases the effectiveness of antiviral treatments by reducing the healing period. It acts as a hormonal regulator supporting the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and strongly stimulating the secretion of dopamine - the neurotransmitter responsible for states of mental tone, optimism, relaxation. Among the benefits of administration in men, we mention the improvement of potency, prevention of premature andropause, normalization of sexual appetite, increase sperm concentration helping it`s normal development and increase motility, as well as efficiency in preventing and treating adenoma and prostate cancer. It contributes to maintaining optimal blood testosterone levels, normal DNA synthesis and the process of cell division. It helps to amplify attention, memory and long-term intellectual effort. Studies by dermatologists show that the administration of this trace element contributes to the normalization of trophic processes in the skin, the healing of infections and the regulation of immune reactions.