BLACK COFFEE Oriental (120 g)

BLACK COFFEE Oriental (120 g)


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BLACK COFFEE Oriental (120 g)

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Black Coffee Oriental – Therapeutic coffee (120 g)


Freeways therapeutic coffee was born from our preoccupation and desire to facilitate the constant administration of 100% natural supplements, so necessary for the proper functioning of the body, by integrating them into an existing daily routine that is also loved by most of us. As the therapeutic qualities are given by the active principles of the ingredients that complement the coffee, their preservation is possible only by preparing at an average temperature of 40, maximum 60 degrees Celsius. This necessary condition made us choose the instant (soluble) form of coffee, which allows the preparation even with cold water/milk. Instant coffee has the same properties as ground coffee beans, being just a groundless, crushed and dehydrated coffee - a process that does not require excessive processing and does not include chemicals.


Description: The formula of this coffee assortment has been specially designed to integrate the therapy in the daily routine. It is a coffee-remedy that, through the therapeutic value of the components, supports the healing process in a wide range of diseases. It surprises with a distinct personality in taste and aroma due to the oriental notes given by the ingredients used.


Presentation: 120 g jar



  1. 100% Arabica coffee - 90%
  2. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (root - powder) - 2.5%
  3. Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) (powder) - 2.5%
  4. Inulin (Cichorium Intybus extract) - 2.5%
  5. Star Anise (Illicium verum) (powder) - 2.5%


Therapeutic properties:

  • supports the proper functioning of the immune system, having antiviral and antibacterial properties;
  • facilitates digestion, supporting the proper functioning of the digestive tract and the entire metabolism;
  • eliminates weakness and fatigue;
  • acts beneficially on cognitive functions, improving, at least for the time being, the ability to memorize and concentrate;
  • is a very good energizer.


Administration: add 2 - 4 g (1 - 2 teaspoons) of coffee, depending on your preference, to a cup of warm water/milk (40 - 60 degrees Celsius) and mix well until all the powder dissolves.


ANY Freeways coffee assortment DOES NOT contain harmful ingredients for the body, such as: caramel, artificial sweeteners, dyes, food additives, anti-caking agents, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.



Instant coffee is made from coffee beans, real coffee. Coffee beans are roasted, ground and infused before beginning their journey to instant coffee. What turns coffee into instant coffee is when water is removed from the infused product, resulting in dehydrated coffee crystals. To bring them back to the coffee condition, it is enough to add water to these crystals.

There are two methods of obtaining soluble coffee from coffee beans: dehydration by spraying (method by which the coffee for Freeways therapeutic coffee assortments is obtained), respectively dehydration by freezing.

The first method (spray dehydration) consists of spraying a liquid coffee concentrate as a spray in a very hot and dry air (at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius). When the coffee sprayed in the air falls back on a flat surface, the water has already evaporated forming small round crystals of instant coffee.

Instant coffee has the same properties as ground coffee beans. The difference is that when we make instant coffee, doing so in the same way every time (for example, putting 2 teaspoons per cup), we have practically the same amount of antioxidants. In contrast, with ground coffee beans, the amount of antioxidants that are extracted depends on the degree of grinding and the way we prepare the coffee.




Turmeric / Turmeric Longa (Indian Saffron) is a plant native to the wild forests of Asia. Its many uses make it worthy of the reputation of "miracle spice". It has been used for over 4,000 years in traditional Indian medicine, called Ayurveda, as a remedy for various ailments, from heart disease, menstrual pain to toothache, but also as a spice in recipes. According to the nutritional profile, turmeric is an excellent source of iron, manganese, potassium, vitamin B6, fiber. Extensive research over the past 50 years has indicated Curcumin (the active substance found in turmeric) as the most powerful antioxidant that can naturally prevent and treat cancer. Curcumin also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an excellent remedy for joint pain, for the treatment of flu, colds, respiratory diseases in general, even asthma. Due to these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin is also recommended for gastrointestinal diseases, helping to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It also lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol. With antihistamine properties, curcumin supplements can be beneficial in relieving allergies.



Originally from Siberia, Chaga is a therapeutic mushroom, used in traditional Eastern European medicine since the 16th century. It is notable for its rich content of minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, sodium, aluminum, silicon ), fibers, organic acids especially oxalic acid, steroid compounds, polysaccharides, cellulose, lignin, phenols and triterpene acids. It has anticancer, cytostatic, anti-inflammatory, protective properties, reducing sweating, analgesic and pain relief caused by cancerous tumors. Helps to cure malignant diseases, lung, cardiovascular, in the treatment of viral infections and gastrointestinal diseases (colitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis with low acidity, biliary and intestinal dyskinesia, duodenal ulcer). It has a good effect in regulating the metabolism, strengthening the immune system, preventing heart disease, regulating the respiratory system, treating liver and spleen diseases. It is a source of melanin and ensures the beauty of nails, hair and skin. Due to the taste and smell similar to coffee, it can be consumed instead of coffee. It has been noted that in Siberia, where people consume it instead of tea or coffee, the cancer rate is lower than in neighboring regions. Also, stomach diseases are almost non-existent and life expectancy is very high. It is not recommended to be prepared with hot water because high temperature can destroy the complex of melanin and polysaccharides. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used for general health, longevity and beauty.


Precautions and contraindications: Chaga mushroom should be used with caution during pregnancy and lactation, consuming small amounts and monitoring the occurrence of any unpleasant digestive or renal symptoms. It is also not indicated for children who have a pronounced allergic sensitivity or who frequently experience digestive disorders. People who are allergic to aspirin should not use products that contain birch.

Because of its effect on the kidneys, Chaga should not be used by people with a kidney crisis or decompensated heart disease.


Star anise

Known primarily as a spice with stimulating effects, star anise provides multiple health benefits, having antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, digestive, sedative properties.

Rich in two powerful antioxidants - linalool essential oil and vitamin C, this spice-drug protects the body from the action of free radicals that cause cell damage, but also various heart diseases, even cancer. Its extracts and essential oils have antifungal abilities, especially against candida albicans, a fungus that frequently causes infections, as evidenced by studies conducted by South Korean researchers. Moreover, star anise has proven antibacterial properties, with Taiwanese researchers discovering that four compounds derived from this spice have an effect against more than 70 strains of drug-resistant bacteria.

Due to the shikimic acid contained, it fights the flu and cough, strengthening the immune system and protecting the body against viral infections. It is also recognized for treating digestive problems (gas, abdominal cramps, indigestion, bloating, constipation), insomnia (has mild sedative properties to calm), but also common diseases in pregnancy and lactation.


Inulin, a soluble fiber belonging to a class of carbohydrates called fructans, is made up of specific fructose molecules linked together to prevent digestion in the small intestine. Instead of being digested, inulin reaches the intestine, where it acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotics help nourish and increase the number of good bacteria in our digestive tract. Among the health benefits we list: maintaining digestive health, weight control, blood sugar control.