Filter Cartridge for Water Purification System

Cartus filtrant Sistem de purificare a apei


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Filter Cartridge for Water Purification System

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The FREEWAYS Water Purification System was designed due to our concern to provide our partners and consumers a balanced water, which will help combat the harmful effects of modern life.To this end, we have combined several natural elements with therapeutic effects to obtain an effective and complex product that provides a water that is:

  1. Purified
  2. Alkaline
  3. Anti-oxidant
  4. Ionized
  5. Hydrogenated


Filtration and purification

The FREEWAYS System filters and purifies by absorbing impurities, heavy metals and unpleasant odors. It also softens the water and gives it a pleasant taste.


Progressive alkalinization

It is recommended that the blood has the pH between 7.35 and 7.45 to maintain the body at an optimal level of health. To cancel the acidity it receives from the daily acidic diet, the blood can take calcium from the bones and teeth and thus caries or osteoporosis occur, or can make deposits in different parts of the body (eg, this is the cause of kidney stones).

To counteract the negative effects of acidity, the FREEWAYS System offers a progressive alkalinization of water, starting from slightly alkaline values immediately after the water passes through the cartridge, to pH values of 9.5 if the water is left for several hours in the System, depending on individual needs.


Progressive antioxidation

ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) is the ability of a solution to oxidize the elements it comes in contact with. The more food and beverages we consume with a high positive ORP value, the more affected our body is. The desirable ORP value of food is negative, for example of fruits and vegetables, hydrogenated and ionized water, etc. The higher the negative value (-), the more beneficial the food.


Water that has a negative ORP value is antioxidant and helps the body neutralize acidity, with significant beneficial effects on health. 



Hydrogenated water (water enriched with dissolved molecular hydrogen) provides the body's cells with hydrogen molecules which are so beneficial to health. Due to its very small size, the hydrogen is able to enter sub-cellular structures such as mitochondria, which makes it extremely bioavailable.

The redox potential (ORP) of drinking water is usually between +100 mV and +400 mV.

By improving the water with hydrogen, the water`s ORP is brought to beneficial antioxidant values of up to -300 or -400 mV.



An ion is any atom that has a positive or negative charge. A positively charged ion will look for a negatively charged one with which to unite and neutralize each other.

The result of every movement we make (a net expenditure of energy) is a positively charged body (the body molecules remain with a positive charge). They have no possibility of future neutralization unless we have a large number of negative ions available quickly.

By ionizing water, you can now obtain large amounts of negatively charged hydroxyl ions, in a microstructured form, which will penetrate through the cell walls and react with acidic waste which causes energy loss, lethargy and a sensitization to many diseases.


Technical specifications:

  1. Ensures the average alkaline water pH of 8.5 - 9.5
  2. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) with values between -250 and -400*
  3. Ensures water filtration, purification, softening and ionization
  4. Filtration capacity: 1.5 l of water
  5. Removable cartridge, with the possibility of being replaced
  6. Shelf life of the filter cartridge: 6 months of use
  7. Dimensions: 260 x 100 x 270 (mm); Weight 0.6 Kg
  8. The FREEWAYS Water Purification System is made of a special resin-based copolymer, which is used safely in the medical and food industries and does not transfer other substances to water.


The FREEWAYS Water Purification System, with a pleasant in design and easy to handle, is equipped with an easy-to-replace FILTER CARTRIDGE that consists of 3 filters. The water flows through the filter cartridge from top to bottom.


Filter 1: antifungal, antimicrobial, water softener and deodorant

  1. Ceramic mineral balls (Ca, K, Mg, Na, magnetite powder)
  2. Water softening balls (Mn, zeolite, loess, tourmaline)
  3. Antibacterial balls (nanoparticles of Ag 99%)

Time of use: 6 months / wash monthly with citric acid.


Filter 2: filters and purifies by absorbing impurities, heavy metals and unpleasant odors, water softener. It has absorption, adsorption and ion exchange functions.

  1. It has 3 layers of Activated carbon balls & Herbal medicinal balls (from a mixed composition of coconut and bamboo)

Time of use: 6 months / do not wash this filter.


Filter 3: hydrogenates water generating antioxidant properties and increasing ORP, alkalizes by increasing PH, enhances cell hydration by breaking water molecules into smaller clusters and generates negative ions, using FIR (far infrared) technology,

improves the taste and freshness of water.

  1. Hydrogenation balls
  2. Tourmaline balls
  3. Mineral balls

Time of use: 6 months / wash monthly with citric acid.


Consumption of purified, alkaline, ionized and hydrogen-enriched FREEWAYS water has multiple benefits for the whole body:

  • Supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and kidneys
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of the pancreas by regulating blood sugar
  • Helps maintain normal weight and improves digestion
  • Contributes to maintaining the youth of cells, due to its antioxidant capacity
  • Helps deep body hydration, 6 times more than with regular water
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Contributes to joints lubrication and elasticity
  • Improves the taste of food, preserves vitamins, decreases the acidity of food
  • Amplifies the flavor of coffee, tea and juices
  • Contributes in supplying with nutrients to cells
  • Contributes to the elimination of toxins and residual materials of metabolic processes
  • All chemical reactions in the body take place in aqueous medium
  • Enzymes and proteins work more efficiently in a diluted state
  • Protects the eyes and other vital organs of the body


It is also very useful for animals:

  • Helps to grow and thicken the fur
  • Prevents skin diseases and itching
  • Helps prevent parasitosis.


How to use:

  1. Wash thoroughly the FREEWAYS Water Purification System before use (do not use abrasive materials).
  2. Place filter 1 & 2 in water for 3 - 4 hours before using.
  3. Don’t drink the 1st filtered water.
  4. Use filtered water only after the top tank has been completely emptied.
  5. The FREEWAYS Water Purification System must be cleaned frequently for hygienic purpose.



The ORP value may vary due to temperature fluctuations, water source, lack of periodic calibration of measuring devices and their performance, as well as the influence of other factors.

The accuracy of the measurements can only be obtained in specialized laboratories.