Therapeutic Coffee with Cordyceps and Ganoderma extract + (1 sachet)

Cafea terapeutica cu Cordyceps si Ganoderma + (plic)


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Therapeutic Coffee with Cordyceps and Ganoderma extract + (1 sachet)

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Therapeutic coffee with extracts of Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Chaga, Vitamin D3, and Bromelain

(1 sachet)




Freeways therapeutic coffee was born from our preoccupation and desire to facilitate the constant administration of 100% natural supplements, so necessary for the proper functioning of the body, by integrating them into an existing daily routine that is also loved by most of us. As the therapeutic qualities are given by the active principles of the ingredients that complement the coffee, their preservation is possible only by preparing at an average temperature of 40, maximum 60 degrees Celsius. This necessary condition made us choose the instant (soluble) form of coffee, which allows the preparation even with cold water/milk. Instant coffee has the same properties as ground coffee beans, being just a groundless, crushed and dehydrated coffee - a process that does not require excessive processing and does not include chemicals.


Description: The strong and savory taste and the therapeutic properties of Freeways coffee, make this product a top quality. Freeways with Ganoderma and Cordyceps has been thought of as a healthy alternative to the regular coffee we find on the market. It contains high quality ingredients, carefully selected to give you extra energy and health. Moreover, Freeways coffee does not contain harmful ingredients for the body, such as caramel, artificial sweeteners, dyes, food additives, anti-agglomerates, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.


Presentation: 1 sachet


Ingredients / Sachet (20 g):

  1. Coffee (70% Robusta, 30% Arabica) - 3.4 g
  2. Cordyceps sinensis extract * 4:1 - 200 mg
  3. Ganoderma lucidum - 200 mg
  4. Chaga - 200 mg
  5. Vitamin D3 - 0,3 mg
  6. Coconut milk - 5.4 g
  7. Sugar cane brown sugar - 10.8 g
  8. Bromelain - 50 mg

*4:1 - 200 mg extract is equivalent to 800 mg of powder


Therapeutic properties:

  • Strengthens the body's immunity;
  • Supports the cardiovascular system;
  • Regulates liver function;
  • Eliminates weakness and fatigue;
  • It is a very good energizer.



Pour 100 ml of hot water over the contents of a coffee sachet and mix well until all the powder is dissolved.

When preparing the coffee, the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, as the properties of Ganoderma and Cordyceps will be destroyed.


ANY Freeways coffee assortment DOES NOT contain harmful ingredients for the body, such as: caramel, artificial sweeteners, dyes, food additives, anti-caking agents, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.



Instant coffee is made from coffee beans. Coffee beans are roasted, ground and infused before beginning their journey to instant coffee. What turns coffee into instant coffee is when water is removed from the infused product, resulting in dehydrated coffee crystals. To bring them back to the coffee condition, it is enough to add water to these crystals.

There are two methods of obtaining soluble coffee from coffee beans: dehydration by spraying (method by which the coffee for Freeways therapeutic coffee assortments is obtained), respectively dehydration by freezing.

The first method (spray dehydration) consists of spraying a liquid coffee concentrate as a spray in a very hot and dry air (at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius). When the coffee sprayed in the air falls back on a flat surface, the water has already evaporated forming small round crystals of instant coffee.

Instant coffee has the same properties as ground coffee beans. The difference is that when we make instant coffee, doing so in the same way every time (for example, putting 2 teaspoons per cup), we have practically the same amount of antioxidants. In contrast, with ground coffee beans, the amount of antioxidants that are extracted depends on the degree of grinding and the way we prepare the coffee.



Cordyceps sinensis, called "The Chinese Cure", is a unique type of fungus that grows only on Qinghai Tibetan Plateau and is renowned for its tremendous therapeutic benefits of energising and strengthening the body.

Multiple studies have shown that this fungus has effects such as rapid revitalisation, increasing immunity and body resistance, improving physical performance, strengthening joints, improving fertility, rapid recovery. Cordyceps has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antispasmodic and antitumoral role.

Several modern medical studies to determine the therapeutic effects involving various experimental models (in vitro and in vivo) have revealed at Cordyceps sinensis very broad biological and pharmacological actions in liver, kidney, neurological and cardiovascular diseases. Also, clinical trials in volunteer athletes have demonstrated the ability of normal fat mobilisation and beta-oxidation, thus maintaining optimal blood glucose levels during pre-lunen workouts.


Ganoderma has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years and is renowned for its extraordinary therapeutic properties. Extremely rare, the fungus has long been a privilege for the rich, and its large-scale cultivation has only recently become reality. In ancient China, for example, only the emperors could enjoy the beneficial effects of the Ganoderma mushroom, which was believed to have the property of maintaining youth and prolonging life.

Ganoderma contains over 200 active microelements, the most important being water-soluble polysaccharides, ganoderic acids, organic germanium, adenosine, amino acids and proteins.


Chaga is a therapeutic mushroom native to Siberia and has been used in traditional Eastern European medicine since the 16th century. It is notable for its rich content of minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, sodium, aluminum, silicon), fibers, organic acids especially oxalic acid, steroid compounds, polysaccharides, cellulose, lignin, phenols and triterpene acids. It has anticancer, cytostatic, anti-inflammatory, body protection, reducing sweating, analgesic and pain relieving properties caused by cancerous tumors. Helps to cure malignant diseases, lung, cardiovascular, in the treatment of viral infections and gastrointestinal diseases (colitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis with low acidity, biliary and intestinal dyskinesia, duodenal ulcer). It has a good effect in regulating the metabolism, strengthening the immune system, preventing heart disease, regulating the respiratory system, treating liver and spleen diseases. It is a source of melanin and ensures the beauty of nails, hair and skin. Due to the taste and smell similar to coffee, it can be consumed instead of coffee. It has been noted that in Siberia, where people consume it instead of tea or coffee, the cancer rate is lower than in neighboring regions. Also, stomach diseases are almost non-existent and life expectancy is very high. It is not recommended to be prepared with hot water because high temperature can destroy the complex of melanin and polysaccharides. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used for general health, longevity and beauty.


Vitamin D3 is a powerful antioxidant which naturally tones the activity of the immune system. It is also a tonic of the central and peripheral nervous system and contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive tract.


Bromelain is a type of proteolytic enzyme extracted from pineapple fruit that has a direct role in rapid metabolism and degradation of food proteins. It actively participates in the digestion process, accelerating assimilation and absorption of nutrients. Further, bromelain passes through the digestive barrier, absorbs at the bloodstream, thus acting throughout the body. By its intake at the digestive level, bromelain regulates the pH and plays a probiotic role.